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Project 037 - Touching Lives through Bible Camp

Pastor Peter Bevz's camp in the Ukraine attracts up to a hundred children & his camps are usually held under canvas. Many of the children are badly malnourished as the area is still suffering with radioactive poisoning caused by the explosion from Chernobyl in 1986.

The main aim of every Siloam's Bible camp is to bring children into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to prevent children embarking on a life of crime or becoming addicted to alcohol tobacco and more harmful drugs.

Interesting Bible studies tailored towards the understanding of children in each country according to their age. This group in Poland learn valuable Bible lessons relevant to today's world.

Finding a sweet in a bowl of flour with just your mouth may be just a silly game. But, our aim is to teach children to discover the truth of the Bible and to find out how a confrontation with Jesus Christ can change their lives and make them into positive upright citizens.

And, there is time for silly games like trying to feed your companion with yogurt while you yourself are blindfolded.

Much attention is paid towards the memory of scriptures. During the evening meetings in Bulgaria, as in other countries, children are encouraged to recite the Bible verses they have memorised.

Every year more children give their lives to Christ when they are given the opportunity at the final meeting of the camp. Your gift will help rescue another child from a certain christless eternity.

Growth in Ukraine is not particularly positive. Population may increase. Yet a staggering 80% of infants are estimated to be at risk from iodine deficiency problems due to poor diet. Disadvantaged families suffer the most with widespread substance abuse and family breakdown.

Bible camps provide hope to counter overwhelming social and physical problems among the poor. Siloam partners together with local churches. Children and families are ministered to throughout the year. When children come to Bible camps, it provides a breakthrough for them to see opportunities ahead.

Through the generous giving of Siloam supporters, children enjoy good food and learn social skills within a sound biblical context. Fun brings joy to children who normally do not experience a carefree childhood.

‘This year funding was lacking to fully support the camps,’ reports UK Director Richard Norton. ‘Now we are asking for prayer and financial giving so that we can continue to see young lives turned around for Christ. Siloam sponsored Bible camps in Eastern Europe and Portugal have led to youngsters committing their lives to the Lord and becoming pastors themselves. We trust that God wants to use Bible camps to raise up Christian leaders for the next generation too.’

In Ukraine, Claire Anderson sums up the 2010 Bible Camp experience. ‘We had 93 children from Chernigiv and surrounding villages. From their appearance and behaviour, you could observe a lot about their families. Many children live with one parent families and alcoholism is a common problem. Many come from desperately poor backgrounds.

‘Each day included exercises, Bible classes, group activities, sports, games, crafts, songs and an evening message with a drama. Children enjoyed regular good food which is not what they would normally experience.

‘Also, they were excited to receive illustrated New Testaments. It was encouraging as they kept telling me what they had been reading.

‘The last night many children and teenagers responded to the meeting by coming to faith. We plan to do a monthly follow-up meeting in some of the villages where they do not have a church group. Those from Chernigiv were invited to a Sunday school and the youth group.

‘Thank you to supporters for helping us to have such a camp and for actually enabling it to take place as there are now many lives that were touched with the truth of the Gospel.’

Richard Norton
Director-Siloam UK

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