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Working Towards a Happy Ending

Jon Ray Carlo       
Orphaned, abandoned, abused, neglected…these are the reasons the Rehoboth Baby Rescue Centre cares for infants and children. Not all babies and children are loved and secure. In the Philippines, Rehoboth rescues those who are vulnerable. It also offers a safe haven with loving, supportive carers until they can be placed with adoptive families.

Siloam Christian Ministries partners with Rehoboth.

Even the youngest infants are looked after with individual attention. Also, an early childhood education programme offers children the stimulation and interaction they need to develop normally during their formative years.

Children are constantly referred to the home. That means that as soon as one child leaves, another is taken in to be nurtured. With a view to meeting needs of an ever increasing number of children, plans for expansion are underway. One innovative project is sustainable agriculture so that vegetables can be grown for consumption.

Since the home began in 2003, people in different parts of the world we have been able to adopt these vulnerable children andJon Carlo recovers welcome them into loving families. Each child represents a success story. One such child is John Ray Carlo, affectionately known as JC.

When admitted to Rehoboth in July 2005, JC was 10 months old. His tiny shrivelled body weighed just less than three kilograms. In his critical condition, staff members despaired for his life. Yet with nutritional and medical help, within months he was recovering to become a healthy baby.

Soon he was thriving under the loving care of dedicated staff members. During the years that he was in the home, a faithful sponsor also took great interest in his development and progress.

At Rehoboth, JC continued to grow and is now a happy, healthy five year old boy. Because his case was abandonment, it had to go through the court system which in the Philippines can take several years. When legally declared abandoned last year, he became eligible for adoption.

Soon after, he was matched with a family from California. His new family includes another adopted son from the Philippines as well as two biological daughters. One onlooker said, ‘JC took to his family right away. It was awesome to see him playing with his new older brother.’

Jon Carlo NowRehoboth team and sponsor agree, ‘We wish JC a beautiful and happy life and thank God for the miracle that he is. God saved him by bringing him into Rehoboth and restored him to life and health. Now He has placed him into the arms of a loving family. JC’s story is complete with a happy ending.’

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