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Bulgaria’s Brave Believers

bulgaria kidsThe poorest EU country, Bulgaria suffers poverty and social problems such as dysfunctional families. Yet an impact is being made. Seasonal Bible Camps prove strategic as Siloam Christian Ministries has partnered with local churches for more than 30 years. ‘Today numerous church and community leaders attribute their transformed lives to the influence of Bible Camps during their disadvantaged youth,’ explains Siloam UK Director Richard Norton. ‘Believers face adversity to relieve the suffering of entire families throughout the year.’

Young lives are transformed at Bible Camps: dysfunctional families receive practical aid and social relief throughout the year.

Belief Belies Medical Reality

bulgaria coupleOne such couple who serve others bravely is Veselka and Darin. After childbirth, Veselka’s leg blew up to twice its size due to deep vein thrombosis. Rushed to intensive care, doctors gave up hope of her survival. Darin, although upset, handed everything over to the Lord. One praying church had a message that in seven days all would be well.

On the seventh day, Veselka recovered and was moved to an ordinary ward. Medics kept her under observation, not trusting her recovery. When Darin came to visit, he found her helping infirm ladies to walk. Her main vein from hip to ankle remains completely silted up with clotted blood but does not seem to affect her. Darin has promised to glorify God through their ordeal.


Velska and Dsrin want to glorify God through their ordeal.


Courageous Criminal

Teams of volunteers from local churches involve many Christians who endure hardship. They serve by giving practical aid and spiritual comfort, including isolated people.

‘Yet it was only recently that we learned a key Bulgarian leader has a criminal record,’ notes Richard Norton. ‘He prefers not to dwell on this as he spent years in prison – for smuggling

Bibles.’ It seems he would agree with another prisoner named Paul who wrote, ‘what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel’ Philippians 1:12 (NIVUK). A truly biblical perspective from one of Bulgaria’s brave believers!



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